Public Notice of School Board Vacancy

A vacancy on the Northeastern Wayne School Board of Trustees occurred on Wednesday, August 14, 2019... Qualified Residents of Green Township Read More

District Consolidation, Not School Consolidation

Northeastern Families,

A discussion has taken place to explore strategies that could provide greater opportunities for our students while maintaining our identities and small school environments.

Future meetings are being planned to gather additional information and seek community input. Please read the article that was published in the Western Wayne Gazette and Nettle Creek News.

District Consolidation, NOT school consolidation

Indiana school districts are charged to provide the children within their schools the best possible education. To this end, elected school boards and school leaders must always be forward-thinking in providing what is best for children now and in the future. Taking a forward thinking approach, leadership from three school districts in Wayne County met on Thursday, July 18, 2019, at 4:30 at Western Wayne School’s administration building to discuss what challenges three local school districts are currently facing as well as future challenges. Two board members from Western Wayne and Northeastern Wayne and three board members from Nettle Creek as well as the three superintendents from these districts were in attendance. Senator Jeff Raatz was also in attendance.

In a discussion of current and future challenges, many topics were discussed revolving around potential reorganization of the administration within these districts. From the onset of the discussion, it was clear that maintaining community identity would be a top priority if this option were pursued. All existing schools within the three districts would remain open and operate under the same names. The Tigers would still be the Tigers, the Eagles would still be the Eagles, and the Knights would still be the Knights.

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Welcome to Northeastern Wayne ... A Great Place To Be!

  • Welcome to the Northeastern Wayne School Corporation website!!  “Where Excellence in Education is a Expectation.”  Our corporation consists of approximately 1,250 students enrolled in Northeastern Elementary School for grades K-5,  Northeastern Middle School for grades 6-8, and Northeastern High School for grades 9-12.  We are very proud of our most recent accomplishments and successful programs that are listed below:

    • Received an “A” rating at Northeastern Elementary School for two consecutive years.
    • Instituted a 1-to-1 technology initiative with the implementation of iPads in grades 3-12 and are using classroom sets of iPads for each grade level in grades K-2. 
    • Applied and was selected for two consecutive years, from a very competitive field of schools, the Classroom Innovation Grant offered by the Indiana Department of Education.
    • Support excellent Band and Choir programs from grades 5-12.
    • Offer a very competitive athletic program that constitutes 14 different varsity sports, 10 middle school sports, and several athletic opportunities at our elementary school.
    • Provide successful academic competition teams at both the elementary and secondary levels.
    • Organize numerous community-service projects that yield a positive impact upon our patrons.
    • Maintain a safe, secure, and nurturing learning environment with highly qualified and exceptional teachers who promote a Kids’ First attitude and approach.

    Our high standard of performance is also verified by the fact that approximately 74 percent of the graduating seniors have been accepted to college.  In addition, we have a 90.5% graduation rate, approximately 41% of our seniors achieve an academic honors diploma, and approximately 84% of our seniors achieve a Core 40 diploma.  At our elementary school, we boast an attendance rate over 96.5%, 92% of our third graders passed the Spring 2012 IREAD-3 exam, over 85% of our K-2 students read at or above grade level, 84% of our students in grades 3-6 have passed the Math section of the ISTEP+, a significant increase has occurred in students receiving a Pass+ on the Language Arts and Math sections of the ISTEP+, and parent volunteerism and involvement is very strong. We are definitely proud of our most recent accomplishments, but our faculty is still striving to become an even better school system that desires to prepare our students to be successful in a competitive, global society.

    We, as public school educators, are in the business of instruction with our passion and energy directed towards student learning.  We will strive to serve our school leaders, teachers, students, families, and community patrons, as we will continue to work at becoming one of the best school systems in the state of Indiana!!

    Please browse our recently updated website so you can retrieve any necessary information and learn more about the great events that are happening within the Northeastern Wayne School Corporation.  If you have any questions, please call me at 765-847-2821.
    Dr. Laura Blessing
    Northeastern Wayne Schools  Superintendent
  • Important Information!  Mark your calendars!

    Northeastern Wayne Schools has been approved to use eLearning days during the 2018-2019 school year!

    Our first scheduled eLearning Day will be Monday, January 21st, 2019. So instead of students attending school, they will be learning from home. Each teacher will customize his or her lessons for that day. Some teachers will send assignments through Canvas (our learning management system) and others will send home activities and assignments prior to Monday via paper instructions with materials. More information will be shared this week and the weeks leading up to January 21st.

    elearningIDOE  pdf Review and download eLearning FAQs

Mission Statement

The mission of the Northeastern Wayne School Corporation, a partnership of students, staff, families, and community, is to provide all students the opportunity to achieve academic excellence, to acquire significant lifeskills and to meet their unique needs through a challenging and diverse curriculum presented in a positive and nurturing learning environment.

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