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Elementary Office Renovation/Security Project

  • Northeastern Elementary Secure Entry Planning DocumentThe office will be re-designed to provide a secure entry. The set up will mirror what we have at the high school and middle school so that all guests must enter through the office before entering in our school. Safety glass options will be explored as well
  • Office will be expanded to provide space for our new SRO. The clinic will be updated so that it is ADA compliant. A conference room will be added to provide a meeting place for parents and staff.
TIMELINE: The project will take at least four months to complete. Construction could begin as early as May 2019 and last through August or September. So please excuse our mess as we work through this exciting and safe project!

  pdf Click here to see what our new area will look like!

Early Childhood Center Project

  • Early Childhood Center Image SmWe have preschool! Three years ago we received a grant that provided funds to acquire Paths to Quality Level 3 preschool status. We currently offer developmental and regular preschool. We are hoping to expand to 3 and 4 year old preschool to families in our district. Right now we only service 4 year olds. In order to do this we need more space! We are the only school in Wayne County that has this status!
  • The current admin building used to be a kindergarten building prior to becoming the administration building. The center would have 5 classrooms.
TIMELINE: the project would be ready for our young Knights by the fall of 2020!

  pdf Click here to see what our new area will look like!

Educational Support Center

  • Educational Support Center Image SmThis would be a NEW building on the NWS campus!
  • It would serve many purposes
  • The alternative school pod as some call if would be moved into this building for safety, as well as a board room/training room, and our business office would relocate here since the early childhood center would be taking our business offices.
TIMELINE: Fall 2019, completion in Spring of 2020.

  pdf Click here to see what our new area will look like!

How will NWS pay for these projects?

A non-controlled lease bond will be acquired which does not require a referendum or a petition remonstrance. Tax rates will remain steady and not rise about the average tax rate over the past 15 years. We have debt falling off in the next five years and need to keep our tax rate steady. In 10 years will have a large debt coming off that will require our community to assess needs and form some committees to plan for that big project!


Call or email Mrs. Blessing for more info! 765-847-2821 or lblessing@nws.k12.in.us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Northeastern Wayne School Corporation, a partnership of students, staff, families, and community, is to provide all students the opportunity to achieve academic excellence, to acquire significant lifeskills and to meet their unique needs through a challenging and diverse curriculum presented in a positive and nurturing learning environment.

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