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NHS Veteran's Day Essay

Veterans... Thank You... thank you for the rights that you have continued to protect. Thank you for serving this country in a capacity that most will never know or understand. In my own journey through life I have made the decision to follow the path of all you brave men and women who have gone before. As I have discussed this with friends, teachers, counselors, and yes, even my family I often get asked, why? Why do you want to go into the military? Although that decision did not come lightly it is very basic... that uniform. That uniform that says; yes teacher, yes friend, yes stranger on the street, I am willing to fight for all of our rights. That is why. I have watched the old war movies watched the old war documentaries and came to the realization how quickly the things we take for granted every day can come to an end if people are not willing to fight for the beliefs we hold dear. I know that there will still be folks that question why? And all I can say is... for you...

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